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Welcome To The Official Silver Sun Website

Silver Sun is James Broad (guitar, vocals, cosmic-guru & leader), Richard Buckton (bass & vocals), Jason Panudy ne - Orange (drums & vocals) & Paul Smith (angular guitar).

Described as a cross between Pilot and Candlemass Silver Sun formed in 1995 and have been ploughing their rock furrow ever since.

Their plough is a dual-guitar attack moistened with lush harmonies and a visceral rhythm. Their lyrics (written by James and old school rival Lee Collard) have attracted much attention and 3 fatwahs concerning as they do pole vaulting, motorcycles, religion, happiness, death and space (in that order).

They have toured worldwide and they have released 4 albums - Silver Sun (1997), NeoWave (1998), Disappear Here (2005) and the newly released Dad's Weird Dream (2006).

Have you missed out on some of our albums and are wondering which to pick up first?
Click on an album title above for an MP3 of one of the albums tracks - good eh?


15/07/07: See Silver Sun In Spain This August!

We'll be playing at the Oropesa Beach Festival, Oropesa Del Mar, Spain on the 18th of August.
Anyone that wants to go for a nice weekend in Spain should book soon! We're going out on the saturday morning from Stanstead & coming back sunday evening. Book now for a fantastic weekend in the (silver) sun!

23/04/07: Silver Sun "Fallen EP" - Out Now, Exclusively On ITunes..!

You can now download our new single "Fallen", exclusively through Itunes.

The four track EP includes the title track, our previous single "Immediate" and two exclusive new tracks entitled "Daddy Can't Help You Now" and "Elastic".

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23/04/07: Tour Media - Exclusive Luminaire Gig Photos And Listen To "Poppin" Live - Download The MP3 Now!

Click here to play (right click and select "save target as to download) an excellent live version of "Poppin" recorded during our recent tour - enjoy!

Also, checkout these great exclusive photos taken at our recent Luminaire show!

Thanks to Alex for the photos, checkout his site to see more of his work.

10/12/06: Dad's Weird Dream - Out Now..!

Click to get the artwork as a wallpaper for your computers desktop (1280 x 1024 resolution).

Our great new album "Dad's Weird Dream" is now available.

You can order it here.

The track listing for the album is as follows:

01. Fallen, 02. Sunday Girl, 03. Facts Of Life, 04. Find Him And Love Him, 05. Hi Scorpia
06. Rock n Roll Widow, 07. See Me In MY Dreams, 08. What She Wants, 09. Sweet Lucy
10. Getting It Together In The Country, 11. Poppin, 12. You Can Love, 13. Dad's Weird Dream

For our Japanese fans, the album is available through 'Excellent Records' and contains two bonus tracks: 'Confusion' and 'Last Day'. site.

What The Reviews Say:

"Like their debut, Dadץird Dream is garnished with the kind of sparklingly eccentric lyrics SS are great at." - Rock Beats One

"DAD'S WEIRD DREAM is a record that delivers catchy tune after catchy tune, a sometimes breathless experience." - UK Music Search

"Their fourth offering, Dadץird Dream is their best collection of songs to date - and thatೡying something. Stand-outs among the stand-outs include opener Fallen, joyous sing-a-long Facts Of Life and the catchy-as-hell Hi Scorpia. (4/5)" - The Sun

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